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We believe that investing in a better place to live for you and your family is the best thing you’ll ever do. We will work with you to think about your future and plan your dream home and then, step by step, make them your reality.
A well designed & build sundeck acts as an outdoor living room, an extension of a living space. With proper planning it can be used at least for 2 seasons of the year. There should be an easy transition from indoors to outdoor, by making it fit the clients needs.​


Renovation or remodeling is the process of improving a broken, damaged, or outdated structure, or bringing something back to life. At PBM we believe in taking something old and broken and changing it for the better, while keeping the old feel and style of the home intact.​


Increase the square footage of your home, adding usable, purpose-built space exactly where you want it. Home additions that are well-conceived and carried out, will bring value to your home and increase your long term equity investment.

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If you are looking for Exterior, Interior or  a complete home renovation.  We have been lucky to have been a part of some extremely nice Projects in the past. Click below to see some of our past projects.

You will find the work of excellent quality, his personnel very professional, and the finished product highly satisfactory. . . . detailed his schedule and costs in a highly professional manner which was beyond what I expected and certainly more detailed and comprehensive than any contractor I had dealt with previously.

Don Hunt

Homer owner & customer

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